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Replica Period Staircase

The Brief:

Mr & Mrs Shorter were converting a three story period property back into a home. It had previously be converted into offices. When the building had been altered to offices, the builders had replaced one of the original staircases with a very basic one that had a handrail between newel posts. This was not in keeping with the property. For this reason our client was keen to replace the staircase with a copy of the original including a beautiful continuous handrail.

The Solution:

Plans were drawn up of the new staircase. A few different ideas were exchanged between us and our client until they were happy with all of the design aspects of the staircase, which included getting all the spindles turned as replicas of the original ones that still existed on the upper flights.

The Result:

A lovely new staircase which is in keeping with the period house and helps in the restoration of this lovely building back to its former glory.

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